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HeatConsult is an international engineering consultancy company specialising in state-of-the-art designs for district heating (DH), district cooling (DC), and gas supply systems. Our experience spans residential, commercial, and industrial district designs in Europe and South America with more than 1000 successful engineering projects completed since 2011.

From complex heating and cooling systems designed for maximum energy efficiency to gas transmission pipelines and networks built with revolutionary safety and longevity in mind, HeatConsult delivers leading-edge concepts based on the latest engineering breakthroughs.

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Why HeatConsult?

In operation since 2011, HeatConsult has delivered over 1000 successful projects to energy providers around the world and stands at the forefront of DH and DC design innovation.

Our engineers participate in advanced energy infrastructure research with basis in peer-reviewed work by the global scientific community (Energy, The International Journal).

Our cost-effective construction planning and design processes help reduce downtime and save money while improving efficiency along every phase of your project.

Your project is our passion and we rise to the challenge of engineering deadlines and design obstacles that make the experience doubly rewarding.

We value your trust and are prepared to fulfil confidentiality duty through an NDA agreement during the proposal phase.

We put a strong emphasis on customer service and protect client interests by supporting them through every aspect of the construction cycle.

We are always refining our approach to systematic thinking and invest a great part of our resources in the future development of our industry.

We harness the power of natural features and sustainable solutions to create eco-friendly designs that bring us all closer to a carbon neutral society.

Our onsite engineers rely on a thorough analysis of potential challenges and solutions which uphold the framework of our designs, making it possible to prevent setbacks well in advance.

Our knowledge is founded on over 60 years of national experience in the district heating field and we are currently collaborating with international partners to make advances in DH, DC, gas supply systems, and energy efficiency technology.

Where Experience Meets Adaptability

Services of our company

District Heating Design

We take every variable into consideration when designing district heating grids in unique regions around the world from Latin America to Europe and beyond. Due to approaching climate goals in an ever-growing list of countries and cities, district heating has become a valuable engineering resource with the power to transform energy production and utilisation in accordance with modern regulations and objectives. Our ability to perform accurate calculations of static and hydraulic features ensures sustainable solutions that meet the needs of its users while remaining dutiful to future generations.

District Heating design

District Cooling Design

The world is at the cusp of utilising the full potential of District Cooling, and we at HeatConsult are engaged in leading-edge research and design that will produce greater energy efficiency and balanced electric loads across a wide-range of energy capacities. By leveraging sustainable sources in cooling production coupled with aggregate cooling systems, we’re able to reduce environmental impact along with operating costs while meeting or exceeding cooling requirements. Our current District Cooling network in Estonia delivers cooling to a large building complex and runs several kilometres in length.

District Cooling design

Gas Supply Design

Even as renewable energy expands in the global marketplace and utility sectors, gas fuels remain a pivotal resource for countless industries and are entering the future with adaptive efficiency and performance. At HeatConsult, we develop modern gas supply systems designed for gas fuel transportation, main and distribution gas pipelines, plants, and fuel stations for LNG and CNG as well as purification plants converting bio-gas to bio-methane. Our portfolio contains numerous successful projects in gas supply design including participation in a 150-kilometre gas pipeline connecting the countries of Finland and Estonia.

Gas Supply design

Case studies

Improved Air Quality in Chile with the Help of UN Environment

Air quality is a constant subject of debate around the world, and strict measures are seldom taken to reduce gas emission pollution from the production of thermal energy. HeatConsult assisted UN Environment in implementing district heating systems in the cities of Quinot Burgos and Coyhaique, Chile, where a 10-kilometre long district heating network was designed to improve local air quality and make way for future innovations in energy production technology.

Chile - Coyhaique

Scientific Research in District Heating

HeatConsult takes part in rigorous scientific studies on district heating and district cooling and regularly joins international conferences where new initiatives lead to scientific and technological breakthroughs in the field.

Research and science in District Heating

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